Please support BHOS!

To donate online click here. If you prefer to donate via mail, you may download the form.

BHOS is proud to present three quality programs annually. Thanks to our Director, William Jon Gray, BHOS achieves a high musical standard in our performances, which include professional vocal soloists and orchestra.

Beyond enriching the offerings for musical experiences in the Greater Capital Region, once a year BHOS provides two Vocal Scholarships to high school students who intend to pursue their music education at the college level.  Going forward, we would like to enhance this program by increasing the amount of the scholarships or, perhaps, by adding another.  Most of all, we would love to be in a position to present more regularly a choral great work with full orchestral accompaniment.

BHOS performance music is selected from the broad array of works in the choral repertoire both classical and contemporary, providing wide musical variety for the chorus and for our audiences from concert to concert.

We cannot do this work without your generous affiliation. Contributions are fully tax-deductible and will be acknowledged in each concert program book.  Of course, all levels of support are encouraged, valued and appreciated.

Levels of Support

Investor $1,000 and up Supports the partial cost of our Artistic Director for one concert.
Benefactor $500 to $999 Underwrites part of our accompanist’s stipend for one concert.
Sponsor $250 to $499 Pays for much of an instrumentalist’s fee for one concert.
Contributor $150 to $249 Pays for one-time music rentals for the orchestra.
Supporter $100 to $149 Pays for one soloist for one rehearsal.
Associate $75 to $99 Is pooled to meet costs of printing and operational expenses.
Friend Up to $74 Is pooled to meet costs of printing and operational expenses.



If your company offers a matching program*, be sure to notify the appropriate company office of your contribution and, if appropriate, send BHOS the necessary filing documentation.

*If GE employee (past or present) or retiree, register your gift to be matched by calling 1-800-305-0669 or online at

For more information on becoming a patron, contact Jane Rose.